The future AR glasses size will be greatly reduced

Magic Leap said in the patent document, “IPD” refers to the distance between the pupil of the pupil, interpupillary distance adjustment is VR or AR head display is an important function. When the head was sent to the front of the screen, the appropriate IPD will ensure that these images just at the eyes.

The patent also shows that the head was more light shape, and some close to our ordinary glasses. The Magic Leap before the release of the patent is more extensive, close to the mask style, similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens and Meta 2, and now the design more compression-style, ergonomic.

Although the design of the patented display is likely to be completely different from the final consumer purchase, the challenge of augmenting the design of the augmented reality device to allow people to use it in real life is a huge challenge. Magic Leap may have been aware of this problem, and find ways to solve.

In addition, Magic Leap earlier this year from Google, Qualcomm and Alibaba financing nearly 800 million US dollars, the current valuation of 4.5 billion US dollars. Although the Magic Leap is fire, but until now Magic Leap’s product is still “especially holds partly concealed.”

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