Kaiyun Group finally began to sell their own produced Gucci glasses

Two years later, Kaiyun Group finally began to sell their own production of Gucci glasses. Recently, Kaiyun just for these unprecedented glasses began global marketing. This means that after you buy in the market all the Gucci glasses are no longer the world’s second largest eyewear producer Safilo production, they will become a real “open card”

In fact, as early as 2014, owned Gucci, Saint Laurent Paris, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Puma and other 11 brands Kaiyun Group has plans to recover the production line glasses bag.

The so-called “recovery” is because in the luxury goods industry, such as the open group and the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH will perfume, cosmetics and eyewear category outsourced production. So, even if you buy a different brand of luxury glasses, in fact, they are basically the world’s first and second largest eyewear maker Luxottica, Safilo production.

In a statement released in 2014, the group announced that it “will be from the design, production, supply chain, brand, marketing, sales of full control of eyewear production line”, the Group will “modify and Safilo 20-year contract , Two years ahead of the lifting of the Group’s Gucci and Safilo’s agreement. ” But also because it is an early termination, open cloud will lose to Safilo 90 million euros.

Including the framework, contact lenses and sunglasses glasses global market is expected to reach $ 140 billion by 2020, while the frame and sunglasses category has been growing, high-end glasses have two figures increase. In its statement released in 2014, open glasses business value of 350 million euros, but its 11 brands are 9 are outsourced to five different glasses manufacturers.

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