Xiaomi VR sunglasses are coming soon

Mil rice VR glasses and previously released millet VR glasses toy version, positioning hardware acceleration mobile VR products, hardware built-in independent motion sensor, the sensitivity is 16 times higher than ordinary VR glasses, to ensure that the experience of the process is not Caton. In the adaptation, the depth of optimization MIUI bottom rendering module, with the millet flagship model phone performance and motion sensors, to 16 milliseconds ultra-low latency, effectively reduce the sense of vertigo.

913VR that millet VR glasses for millet mobile phone for deep-level optimization, millet phone has a large user base, and mobile phone + VR glasses bundled mode is undoubtedly the choice of mobile VR millet market breakthrough for a strong protection. To create ecological closed-loop millet platform will need to consider things. Priced 199 yuan also appears to be very close to the people, millet VR glasses is still taking the civilian line, the performance version of the toy than the great progress. Also used a nine-axis control device current VR glasses mainstream control mode.

Experience level, mil mirrors in the hardware design has always been simple and generous design, comfortable wearing experience, forehead design to effectively reduce the head pressure. Glasses at the top of the manual object distance adjustment, support -200 ~ 600 diopter manual adjustment. The back of the headband a key to facilitate the adjustment, making the wearing process simple and easy. In addition, millet VR glasses is also equipped with a 9-axis somatosensory handle, combined with rich game applications, so VR experience level richer.

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