Intel releases smart glasses and belts

At Paris Fashion Week, Intel and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan join forces to create a set of high-tech equipment from science fiction movies, which consists of a pair of pressure-measuring glasses and a belt that projects the data onto the wall.

Smart glasses are integrated with Intel’s Curie system, which incorporates a button-size electroencephalograph that monitors biological data, such as brainwave activity, via the built-in EEG electrode to determine the pressure level of the user. Glasses at the nose frame also has a heart rate sensor and a record of the respiratory frequency of the microphone.

Through Curie’s built-in Bluetooth LE, the data is sent to the same belt as the smart phone, after treatment is projected on the wall. Thus, the pressure change of the user can be clearly reflected.

After Paris Fashion Week, the device will be on display at the London Museum of Design’s “Fear and Love: Reaction to this Complex World” exhibition.

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