Wearing sunglasses will cause eyes smaller?

Sometimes people feel that eye deformation is just a kind of contrast illusion, the right glasses will not damage the eyes, but by myopia lens, eyes look small, used to wearing glasses when the shape of the eye, a glasses off, it will feel To the eyes of the change has changed, no need to worry about this. In addition, if the glasses too much pressure on both sides of the root bridge of the roots flattened or too small to tighten the eye on both sides of the skin, the time is too long, remove the glasses may also feel “eye deformation”, but in fact this is a Contrast illusion.

As for the common eyeballs of high myopia, which is a characteristic manifestation of pathological myopia, one of its occurrence and aggravation of the necessity and whether to wear glasses has nothing to do. Some children or adolescents, such as the so-called eye deformation is mostly caused by the contrast illusion, not to worry about wearing glasses will make the eyes deformed.

Therefore, the right to wear glasses, not only will not damage the eyes, so that the eye deformation, but will correct the lack of eyes, improve vision, useful for work and study, but also conducive to our eyes long-term health.

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