How to control near-sighted for children with so many electric products nowadays

The eyes of human access to external information is an important window, the United States Harvard Business School researchers showed that the human brain through five senses to accept the proportion of external information are: taste 1%, touch 1.5%, sense of smell 3.5%, 11% , While the visual is as high as 83%. Eyes in human life, work, study plays a vital role. But unhealthy eye habits tend to make the eye lesions. For children, the highest incidence is myopia. Recently, a survey shows the country’s primary and secondary students in the myopic rate of about 60%, as high as 80% in some areas around. The situation is serious, we need to pay close attention to.

First of all, we understand how the occurrence of myopia. The eye is through the regulation of ciliary body contraction or relaxation, thereby changing the curvature of the lens to see different objects near and far. See distant objects, the ciliary body relaxation, lens convexity smaller; to see near objects, the ciliary body contraction, the lens convexity larger.

Newborn, the child’s eye axis is relatively short, and the corneal curvature is relatively large, this physiological structure makes the child 6,7 years of age, the eye is hyperopic state, so the ciliary muscle in a different range of long-term Contracted state. During this period, if the child’s eyes are often overloaded, especially long-term close with the eye, will lead to eye fatigue, hyperopia end of the time may be ahead of time, and this accumulation of fatigue is easy for children to myopia.

Myopia according to the pathogenesis can be divided into: pseudo-myopia (regulatory myopia), true myopia and mixed myopia between the twos.Pseudomyopia is due to eye ciliary muscle spasm, is a functional exception , If not timely prevention and treatment, will make the eye anteroposterior diameter longer, the formation of true myopia, it is a structural exception.

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