Thye offered unqualified children’s glasses

Recently, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau announced the city’s glasses on the market with children’s glasses product quality supervision and spot checks, a total of 50 batches of random checks, 45 batches of qualified products, failed 5 batches, the pass rate of 90%.

Spot checks showed that the quality of the sample failed in the enterprise for the new North District Wei Village swallows optical shop, the new North Haixu Xu Xingda optical shops, Changzhou Eye Optical Technology Co., Ltd., Wujin District Hutang mirror glasses shop, Wujin District Hutang as Yan Youth Center for Optometry.

Reporters learned that one of the test items lens vertex power, is the degree of spectacle lenses, vertex failure is mainly due to large degree of lens tolerance, glasses will cause the object in the eye imaging distortion, blurred vision effects, And aggravate the eye disease, which is not equipped with the master product quality standards are not proficient in the level of assembly technology and so on. The optical center of the deviation of the position failed, easily lead to visual fatigue symptoms.

City Third Hospital, Department of glasses responsible for Lin Ju Mei, amblyopia, once diagnosed, glasses should pay attention to four aspects: for suffering from hyperopia, strabismus, amblyopia in children, parents and kindergarten teachers to supervise children wearing glasses, Glasses for 3 months, you must referral; due to refractive changes in children’s eyes quickly, a year or so should be replaced with new lenses; because most children playful, easy to use metal frame glasses distortion, try to choose plastic frame; Detection should be used retinoscopy method, computer optometry only for reference.

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