New release of technology-intensive products

VR industry is very popular, with a VR-VR technology and products, is gradually being accepted by the public. However, with the smart phone, tablet, smart TV gradual, gradual industrial evolution, the upgrade process is different, VR industry shows the situation is very confusing: the industry profits, many poor, cottage, low-cost VR equipment began to fish in troubled waters. However, with the upstream chip, the company’s product development effort, this embarrassing situation or will change. In September, the VR program company’s cloud exhibition technology released X1 VR glasses, relying on product ideas, rapid burst red, to the industry into a positive energy booster.

International Data Corporation IDC released data show that in the second quarter of 2016, China’s VR market 96.2% of the product prices are less than 200 yuan, higher than the market share of only 200% of 3.8%. Data show that the current VR market in China mainly Cardboard (mobile phone box, VR glasses) products, most of the price of 200 yuan or less. Many small manufacturers in order to quickly fishing for a sum of money, keep down prices, Taobao 9.9 yuan on many of the VR glasses.

Does the market really only need low-end products? The industry has the view that the current number of brands using the program, basically homogeneous product is serious, malicious copying, there is no feature at all. VR as a technology industry, in the consumer market, rarely seen with innovative products. For many downstream brands, can only rely on bargain take the amount.

But this view is clearly untenable. It is understood, VR program company cloud exhibition technology, September the world’s first VR glasses program X1, red hot, and the global order is still growing. Cloud development technology with a creative ID and design ideas, proved that only return to the value of the product itself, in order to applaud and blockbuster.

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