A new model of experiential retail of sunglasses industry

With the rapid development of the Internet, glasses industry is being redefined, whether it is the United States, Europe, Japan or South Korea, emerging glasses brands are in a strong rise. Recently, China’s first optical retail retail – sound meters for the first time to try to “possible force field” for the space theme of the experiential retail model flagship store officially opened.

“The Internet as a method and tool, through the study of consumer data, reshape communication marketing, reshaping internal information, etc., to help consumers create the brand belongs to the value of the industry.” Sounds founder Li Ming told reporters. M’s vision is to become a world-class brand of a new generation of Chinese and become a new model of integration with the Internet and traditional industries of change.

It is understood that the sound meters in recent years, the rapid rise of a new generation of eyewear brand. For the rapid rise of the reasons, Li believes that the industry is a profound understanding and re-shaping the industry value. Consumers of the optical industry has always been a higher expectation value, hope that the price is more reasonable, better style, more advanced technology, service experience better. Through the direct mode of consumer direct reduction of the middle part of the link to achieve an easy entry price; by buying hand-made with the original design approach to provide dozens of SKU on a weekly basis, so that fashion and beauty choices become easier; R & D innovation and cooperation with the French Essilor and other technology giants to make products more functional and wear experience; by reshaping the definition of services and processes, so that service and experience become more friendly and easier.

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